O Silly Me
unrecorded, as yet...


Am              D7

I crossed the ocean

Am                    D7

I've braved the seas

G                         Em

I've watched the heroes

Amdim              D7

But no one watches me.


Am                  D7

Time's like a shadow

Am                D7

Making me light

G              Em

I can't remember

Amdim                     D7

The richness of my flight



      I've tried to make my life

    Am                  C

 A saintly harmony


Ice maiden Germany

Dm            Am

      O Silly Me


Am               D7

So high! achiever

Am                       D7

You've passed the tests

G                            Em

You've made the deadlines

Amdim                         D7

And dead is what you'll get.



       There's not a memory

          Am               ..........C

When files and formats change


From zero back to naught

Dm            Am

      Oh silly me


INSTRUMENTAL based on verse



           What's the use of a golden arrow                     

         Am                   C     

Without your apple pie?


           My byte will be deleted

Dm              ........... Am

           Silly con am I

Dm                 .............. Am

           Aie aie aie aie aie aie aie

F                        Am

           Bye bye blackoutÉ