by Cathy VOGAN

What's that I hear?
French men talking at me
Laugh when I'm the last to know

Is it true?
I'm an Anglo Saxon
Seems it's written on the wall

You know I've never had a home
Coat of arms or family fun
All I try to do is try to belong

I always give things away
You've nothing to pay
If you play with me

So why do you think I am weird?
What's that you fear?
Ah, come here!

I'm an ordinary girl
In an ordinary world
It's the other who keeps spinning

Lies and abuse
All dogs let loose
Et oui... Et ça, ça t'amuse

But just a minute stranded man
You should travel if you can
You would see you think like millions!

That we're all the same
We've got one brain
We'll let me tell you Frenchy, that's insane