Battleship Monsanto

Money makes the world go warm
The planet's getting angry
Laboratories have drawn the blind
The rats are always hungry

Monsanto rules the waves tomorrow
Unless we sink her ship
Stop burning crops for Woolworths
And let Organic rip !!

Fight for what is right, not Law...
And think to answer NO
The Mother Ship is now at risk
As bad seed starts to blow...

Tomorrow doesn't last forever
Just one life-span ahead
A miracle to get it right
Or everything is dead.

Unite all nations in one quest
Forget the money wars
Listen to Anonymous
Alert us to the cause

To stop pollution of our home
To stop eternal night
To stop the man who tries to say
That what is rich is right

To stop the cursed borders
Between rich and poisoned poor
To stop the luxury items
Like Wall Street and its whores

For only can we live UNITED
All in the same boat...
Against the Battleship Monsanto
If it sinks, we'll stay afloat!

Abort miscegenation
Close the sterile fuckteries down!
And we'll manage... in a natural way
To turn Nature around

Turn Nature around daddy
You've turned Nature down