Kaos Incarcerated


We are sad to announce that <SPK> member K.OSMOSIS has recently suffered a complete psychotic meltdown. He has been forcibly incarcerated within a psychiatric institution, certified as a danger to society, and subjected to compulsory injections of the chemical straitjacket - Seroquel. The Collective hopes that the experience will catapult K.OSMOSIS from his current crisis towards a freakish becoming: from an unstable super-molecular state, which hinges upon dissipative, schizophrenic breakdown, towards the fertile space of an exotic ideological wilderness.

K.OSMOSIS’ breakdown occurred at a Detention Camp for political asylum-seekers, where, in the course of his work as a member of the Australian Refugee Tribunal, he was showered with the contents of a mystery container from an inmate suffering the effects of long-term solitary confinement within a Punishment Cell.

"I just freaked out", Osmosis reports, during a moment of lucidity. "I didn't know what it was at first, but it turned out to be a mixture of faeces and urine. Before I knew it, I had smashed the inmate’s head into a wall; and then there followed this terrible sound of his skull cracking. As I brought my knee up against his chin, he went down like a sack of potatoes. ‘You’ve killed him!’ they all cried, but too late……. I was already starting to drift away.”

The inmate survived the attack. Unfortunately, the incident occurred after K.OSMOSIS had been advised by his psychiatrist to check himself in to an institution for a spell of anti-psychotic treatment, following numerous death threats he had previously been issuing to the Detention Camp’s commandant.

K.OSMOSIS reports that a voice has been telling him to acquire a knife, so that he can randomly stab and permanently disfigure wealthy burghers in the street and on the daily commute. To this end he has purchased and sharpened a fisherman’s knife in order to fulfill the program of the nineteenth-century American anarchist, Lucy Parsons:

“Now is the time for every dirty lousy tramp to arm themselves with a revolver or a knife and lie in wait outside the palaces of the rich, and shoot or stab them to death as they come out”. 
In his present delirious state, K.OSMOSIS has declared the absolute necessity of uprooting thought and behavior from an increasingly cruel state of thralldom towards authority; steering it back onto the path of total comprehension against an all-pervasive false consciousness. What is needed is a return towards an original purity, uniting theory and practice into an <SPK> ‘Practice-Action Fraction’ (the praxis group). This is in accordance with the creative activism of the Surrealist politician, Andre Breton, as evinced in his Second Manifesto:
“The simplest Surrealist act consists in dashing down into the street, pistol in hand, and firing blindly, as fast as you can pull the trigger, into the crowd”.

With due compassion for all concerned, <SPK> celebrates the present conjuncture that has torn K.OSMOSIS from the reified structure of a fascist ‘reality’, into the creative chaos and nihilistic frenzy of an insanity from which he will inevitably return, enriched with ideas and experiences invaluable to the cultural projects of the Collective.





K. Osmosis is determined to continue his < S.P.K. > 'scribblings" from the asylum.