Aussie talent joins the legendary
Harry and Christine Grinling.

Their company has been embedded as a technical backbone for the BBC;
supported the production of Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride", and acted as a guiding light for many other leading broadcast and film producers in the UK & Spain. The Grinlings have now decided to conquer Australia.


Given their reputation, they succeed in "cherry-picking" a team of local and imported talent to found their Sydney base. A diverse and complimentary group of artists, pedagogues, systems engineers and scientists merge to form the A Team of Aussie AV Support, Consultancy and Coaching, and are set loose in such venues as the ABC (Nationwide), Animal Logic, Walt Disney Pictures and Roving Productions. Now in London, Madrid and Sydney... Support Partners is always open somewhere in the world, and has thus become a global 24/7 service.

SP OZ is Harry & Christine Grinling, Glenn Fraser, Leonard Coster, Kerrie Moore, Piers Goodhew, Jakub Krajcovic, Jim McNamara & Cathy Vogan.

To know us is to adopt us...